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Why I use Identifor with my high school students

As a special-needs educator of 25 years I am constantly striving to find authentic means of assessment for my young adult population.

While we have always trusted in their intelligence and special abilities in a vast arena of areas, it has been a challenge for them to share this with us in standard ways.  Working with young adults, our number one priority quickly becomes the what next, the how can we support their futures, how can we help them be all that they can be,and do things that are meaningful to them.

Identifor  is that invaluable tool that we hope will further reveal these unique capacities of individuals , support  programs and families in developing a roadmap to adulthood , and continue to pave the way for purposeful, fulfilled, and happy lives for our students.

Imagine the possibilities when students are presented with a series of video games as opposed to paper checklists. When students lined up at my desk with eyes lit up asking if we could please work on Identifor today we know we have a real gem of a tool and that is priceless to me as an educator. IDENTIFYING unique  strengths and capacities FOR a better future where all students find a way to shine  is why I use Identifor in my program!

Karen McDowell
Celebrate the Children School, Denville, NJ